5 Free Live Streaming Applications for Android

Free Live Streaming Application-Watching a soccer match is fun, especially if your favorite team is playing. However, have you ever had trouble finding the live match? Take it easy, now there are various free live streaming applications that can be enjoyed.

This application makes it easy for football lovers to enjoy various classy matches anywhere. Only by using a smartphone, various leagues can be watched live.

Are you curious about the best live streaming applications for watching football? Here are some of the best recommendations.

free live streaming ball application

Live Streaming Football Application for Android

There are several applications that we will recommend to all of you, so you can try some of these applications when you have your favorite club playing schedule, what are the applications, here is the list.

RedBox TV

The first application is RedBox TV which is a live streaming application for various sports matches. Among these sports matches, soccer matches are the most popular.

RedBox TV provides more than 1000 channels that broadcast live sports matches. In fact, the channels that you can watch come from 15 different countries.

However, those of you who want to watch soccer matches are required to install additional applications. This application is an MX Player which is capable of capturing live streams and broadcasting live videos.

Steps to watch via Redbox TV

  • Download the application via the playstore
  • When finished open the application and select the three icon at the top left
  • Select the All channel menu
  • Various channels appear broadcasting sports matches, choose what channel you want to watch.
  • Video

The next way to watch live streaming of football on Android is to use the Vidio application. This application is quite liked by many users and gets a high rating on Google Play.

Vidio is an application that offers various interesting shows including sports competitions. The choice of soccer matches offered is very diverse, such as the European League, Champions League, Indonesian League and others. Various interesting matches can be enjoyed for free anywhere via smartphone.

Steps to watch football matches through Vidio

  • Download the Vidio application and open the application
  • Enter the main menu and click the live icon to watch the live broadcast
  • Choose what match you want to watch

Mola TV

Mola TV is the official broadcaster of the Indonesian League and English League matches. Each match can be watched via the Mola TV website or via the app.

As an official broadcaster, the quality of broadcasts provided by Mola TV is very clear and high quality. When watching a match, you can share comments with other viewers.

Mola TV application users can watch 5 matches each week for free. If you want to enjoy live matches even more, then you have to subscribe to a premium.

Steps to watch live streaming on the Mola TV application

  • Download the application and create an account in the application
  • Enter the main menu and select the league you want to watch
  • Select the Live Match menu and watch the match comfortably

beIN Sports

For soccer lovers, beIN Sports is well known as a popular live soccer broadcast apk. This is because this application provides various big matches that fans are waiting for.

This application provides various interesting features for sports lovers ranging from news, match highlights and standings. You can also see the latest match schedules so you don’t miss exciting matches.

Take it easy, even though the match is broadcast live, this application saves quota. It is suitable for those of you who are on the go and using personal cellular data.

Steps to watch on beIN Sports

  • Download the application and register for an account
  • Fill in the short survey available to enter the main menu
  • Click the triple line icon at the top left to select a live match

TV Sports League

For Spanish League lovers, the La Liga Sport TV application is an application that can help you watch matches anywhere. Of course, this application can be used for free and can be used via a smartphone.

There is a match reminder feature that makes you never miss a favorite team match. Even though he is on the go, now watching the match live is not impossible.

Amazingly, this application provides a feature that allows users to watch the game again. If you want to return to seeing the match in full, this feature can be used.

The app also provides various videos from last season’s matches to the latest news related to the Spanish league.

Steps to watch on the La Liga Sports TV application

  • Download the application and register for an account
  • Enter the main menu and select the schedule menu to see live matches
  • Choose what is happening live and enjoy the match


The next best live streaming application recommendation is Mobdro. Here, football lovers can watch live matches, monitor standings and read the latest news.

This application actually provides a lot of shows ranging from films, TV, documentaries, sports and others.

For soccer lovers, of course the sports category is a favorite category. The services offered can be enjoyed for free, the completeness of the channels provided is quite complete.

Here you can watch football through Fox Sports, Sky Sports, ESPN and so on. But unfortunately, iOS users cannot enjoy this application because it only suits Android devices.

Steps to watch on Mobdro

  • Download and register an account
  • Select a sports channel that broadcasts live matches
  • Done, enjoy the match comfortably and easily

How, now you don’t have to be afraid of losing your favorite team match and have to regret it, right? With these various applications, prestigious matches can be watched anytime and anywhere.

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The final word

The recommendations for the free live streaming ball application above can be used to watch exciting matches. Enjoy your favorite team soccer match.