7 Android Math Applications to Make Learning Easy

Mathematics is a difficult subject and is often a scourge for students. Therefore, the presence of an Android math application is needed to help students more easily understand complex mathematical concepts.

Then, is there really an accurate math application that can make it easier for students to learn?
No need to go overboard, of the many existing applications, the following applications can be used as a reference for learning mathematics.

android math application

7 Android math apps

Learning in this modern era can indeed be said to be quite easy, there are lots of supporting applications, so there is no longer lazing around, you can search for answers by searching on search engines, or for math problems, you can use the following applications:

An educational application that focuses on discussing mathematics subjects is Photomath. This application was developed by Photomath, Inc. By only installing an application measuring 15 MB, you can do various types of math problems.

The way Photomath works is very simple. You only need to take a photo of the math problem you want to find the answer to.

Then, the system in this application will scan and display the most suitable answers. From the answer choices that appear, you can also choose the method that you think is the easiest.

You can also get a step-by-step explanation of the question.
Even more great, this application can be used for free, you know. So, you can save your money for study purposes.

Photomath has been downloaded by up to 100 million users on the Google Play Store. The app’s rating is also quite good, namely 4.7. Not only used by students, this application can also be used by math teachers.

  • yHomework – Math Solver

yHomework is the next android math application which is highly recommended for you. This application was developed by Math Underground. On the Google Play Store, this application has also been downloaded by more than 1 million users.

The way yHomework works is also very easy. After downloading this application, all you have to do is type in the math problem you want to find the results for. After that, a solution to the problem will appear. The explanation of solving the problem is also quite easy to understand. Learning math is even more fun.

  • Qkamu: Free Math Solutions

The next elementary, junior high, high school math learning application is Qanda: Free Match Solutions. This application was developed by MathPresso. The size of this application is 37 MB.

What’s interesting about this application?

The way Qanda works is actually similar to Photomath. You only need to take a photo of a math problem, then choose the most suitable answer from several alternative answers.

More interesting features in this application are 1: 1 Q&A. For those of you who still don’t understand the explanation in the application, you can use this feature.

That way, you will get a deeper explanation from the math teacher.
Qkamu is a math teacher application that supports multiple languages, including Indonesian. So, you can use this application easily.

There are already 10 million Android users who use this application. The rating is also quite good, which is 4.6 out of 5.

You must be close enough with the developer of Microsoft Corporation, right? Well, in December 2019, Microsoft just launched an android math application called Microsoft Math Solver.

The way this application works is the same as before. You can write down the questions on the screen provided or take pictures of the questions. After that, the answer to the question will appear on the screen. You can also learn step by step how to do it.

Apart from that, this application also provides an Advance Scientific Calculator feature for more difficult and complex mathematical operations. Microsoft Math Solver is quite trusted by users. Even though he is not yet one year old, this application has been downloaded by up to 5 million Android users. The app’s score is 4.6 out of 5.

The next Android math application is Mathway. This application is developed solely by Mathway. Has been released since February 4, 2012, this application is still trusted by users.

How does this application work?

You can use the Ask Mathway feature then type the questions into the column provided. Another alternative is that you can also use the photo feature about the question. This application will also display the appropriate answer.

Mathway seems to be designed specifically as a high school math learning application. There are lots of complex math concepts that can be solved through this application. On the Play Store, Mathway has been downloaded by 10 million users. The review is 4.6 out of 5.

  • CoLearn: Photos of MTK Questions and Learn Online LIVE

This Android math application is perfect for students in Indonesia. This application is brought to you by CoLearn Indonesia. The CoLearn Application: Photos of MTK Questions and Learn LIVE was just released on January 11, 2020.

What’s interesting about this application?

Apart from being able to get answers to difficult math problems, there are other features that are very useful for students.

You can take live classes guided by the best teachers. You can also get practice questions for getting into college.
There are tryout questions that are distributed free of charge to users.

The last alternative Android math application recommended for you is Mathematics. This application was developed by dabo Apps. Just like before, this application can also provide insight for difficult math problems.

You only need to write down the questions through the calculator in this application. Furthermore, the answers will appear automatically.

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The final word

With the 7 recommended Android math apps above, learning math will never be easier. Come on, try it!