Alive In Shelter v14.2.4 Apk Mod (Infinite Money)

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Download now Alive In Shelter Mod Apk and have Infinite money forever. Alive In Shelter +18 DLC – hilarious and cruel survival simulator with pixel graphics. Player in the face of an entire family to survive in the low-tech nuclear shelter after the outbreak of the end of the world. Everything here is old, rotten, rusty, in general since the last century, for sure. For all other problems, the fact that the “lucky” group is a real moral monster is added. And players need to work hard to keep from killing themselves.

Live on Shelter – pixel survival simulator. In it, the user must survive a sudden apocalypse. After a nuclear attack, there is very little time left for the training camp, so you just need to take everything you need and go to the bunker. After that, the player will study the rooms of the underground structure, of which there are four pieces. Here, too, you need to solve various puzzles and craft items. From time to time, you will have to go out and explore the surrounding territories, as supplies invariably run out, and the whole family needs food.

⏩ Wonderful 8-bit retro pixel graphics!
Bl Post-apocalyptic happiness!
⏩ Crafts: items, alchemy!
⏩ Adventure, expedition!
⏩ Actions, fear!
⏩ Mystery!
⏩ Growing potatoes, carrots and blueberries!
⏩ 5 bedrooms, garden and external wasteland!
⏩ Google achievements and rankings!
⏩ Shelter customizations and updates
⏩ Multiplayer deathmatch, chat
⏩ 12 languages: English, Polish, Russian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Czech, Italian, French ..

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– If you want to see the changes in the game update, the play store link is at the end of the post

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Alive In Shelter apk mod

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– Unlimited money + all features sold with unlocked real money

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– Internet: Offline
– Size: 43MB
– Requires Android: 4.1 or higher
1 – install the APK and ready, good fun!