Among Us Naruto Apk Mod Menu Latest Version 2020

Among Us Naruto Apk-Being one of the most popular games to date, the game Among Us does provide various interesting features in it. In addition, this game also has several mod versions that you can make as choices, such as for women there is among us pink, with a characteristic pink background, while for those of you anime lovers, you can play using the latest mod, namely among us naruto.

It is undeniable that Indonesia has a lot of anime fans on this one, for that this mod game is the newest choice for you to make playing among us even more exciting.

The game among us is the most popular game to be played today, this also invites creators to create content for this game. Starting from Jess no limit, Raditya Dik and many other Indonesian celebrities who try to get excited when playing this game from Innersloth.

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Now, multiplayer games are more often played by netizens nowadays, apart from being more exciting, we can also play with the people closest to us, be they friends, girlfriends and other people we know. Among Us itself is included in this one category, this game that has been around 2 years ago can be played by up to 10 players, and each player will later have a role as a crewmate or impostor.

This naruto version of Among Us is arguably very unique, because in this game there is a Naruto background. But it’s not just the background that differentiates it from the original version, there are also 2 mod menus that you can set to make it easier for you to find your way to victory.

You can also use skins, pets and other premium features for free, and for convenience modder deliberately removes the ads in this game. Overall this game is very interesting, for that you can try it by downloading it from the apk file that we have prepared for all of you.

The way to play this game is the same as the original version, but what distinguishes it is that when you enter the game you can enter password “MZ” first.

among us naruto

Download Among Us Naruto Apk

Since this game is a mod version, you won’t find it in the app store either on Android or other platforms such as the iPhone. But you don’t need to worry, even though you can’t install this apk file from the official store, the files that we share are still safe, because we tried it first. Just download among us Naruto apk below:


Installation Instructions

If you want to install this among Naruto apk file, then before that you need to first activate the installation from unknown sources found on your smartphone settings, as follows:

  • First open your smartphone settings
  • Scroll down until you find security
  • Then select the application and allow it to install from “Unknown Source”
  • The next step is to open the apk storage folder among us Naruto and select it
  • Wait for it to finish and after that you can immediately play this game

Playing among us is indeed more fun with friends, because we will not hesitate when accusing someone of being an impostor.

among us naruto version

There are 2 Mod Menu

This is what we think is one of the advantages of this one mod when compared to the others. If in other mods there is only one mod menu, among us Naruto we can use 2 mod menus, the first is the mod menu from and the second is the impostor menu mod. So this menu mod is only for those who are importers.

There are so many choices of cheats among us that you can decide for yourself before playing what cheat features you want to activate.


There are several mod menu features in among us naruto, so that with this feature it can make it easier for us to get victory, this is the feature.

Player Speed

If you want to get more speed then you can set it in this one menu, you just have to shift the speed to the right and set your player speed. If you want to reach the maximum speed you can shift it up to 100.

No Emergency Cooldown

When we get something suspicious, players will usually do an emergency cooldown. With this menu mod, you can turn it on or off.

No Kill Cooldown

When the impostor finishes off a crewmate, there will be a pause for another crewmate to kill, by turning on this menu you can kill the crewmate at the same time, so that with this feature, the impostor’s chances of winning are higher.

Show Imposters

For those who get the role as crewmate, then you can try this one menu because by doing so it will be easier for us to determine who is the real impostor.

Sabotage All

When we act as impostors, we don’t have to be good at lying enough, but we also have to be good at sabotaging so that the atmosphere becomes chaotic. In Among Us Naruto, you can activate the sabotage feature so that it is easier for you to play the role of an impostor.


If the above is for those who are imposter, then this repair feature is the opposite, namely for those who play the role of crewmate. You can fix three items with this one menu, namely O2, Com and Rea.

Free Skins

This is what makes the game even more interesting, there are various kinds of free skins ready for you to use. For the original version, we can pay in advance for each skin that we want to use.

Pet Free

In addition to your skin, you can also bring your pet to the game, you can choose it by entering the customize menu when you enter the Among Us Naruto game. You can also get hats for free here.

No Ads

By playing Among us Naruto, you will get comfortable in the game, because there will be no annoying advertisements when you start the game.

Those are some of the features found in among us mod naruto, apart from what we said earlier, of course there are many other mod features that you can use in the game.

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The final word

How exciting is it not after we see some of the menus contained in among us Naruto. But apart from that, you also need to know that currently the developer is tightening their game, so for accounts that have previously purchased items, you shouldn’t use it to play this mod version.