Among US PC, How to Download and Play for Free

Among Us PC-There is something missing for you players if you don’t try a game that is currently viral, namely Among Us. Games that are said to damage this friendship, because you have to lie and trick your friends when you become importers, we can play them through various devices such as Android and iOS smartphones or PCs or laptops. However, not a few players feel confused when they want to play on a PC, because most files on the internet are available for smartphones only, for that in this review we want to share tricks on how to play and download this game on a PC.

This game was released by Innersloth LLC in June 2018, bringing a gameplay similar to a werewolf, at the beginning of the game’s presence was not too busy to be played by gamers. However, since it was recently played by many YouTubers, the name of this game began to rise and made netizens curious to try it.

download among us pc

Download Among Us PC Without Emulator

This game itself is available for free on the play store and app store. But for those of you who want to download this game on a PC, then you have to pay 5 dollars, by buying it on their official website here. Besides that, you can also get a cheaper price if you buy it on Steam, which is around 40 thousand. And for those of you who don’t make a purchase, then there is a solution you can do, namely by downloading an emulator.

Indeed, for this PC version you will get various benefits, so that it will provide an experience playing games that you have never had when playing on an Android cellphone.

How To Install And Play

To be able to play this game on your PC, what you need is an emulator and an apk file for this game among us. There are lots of emulators that you can use, and you can customize these to your PC device. Immediately, we follow the method as follows:

  1. First you need to download an emulator on your PC, here you can use an emulator according to your specifications
  2. Then you can install the emulator
  3. Then open it if it has been successfully installed on our PC
  4. Open the Play Store application on the emulator and sign in using your gmail account
  5. Next, you can search for games among us and install them on the emulator
  6. Finally, you just have to play it.

To play on a PC is not much different when you play it on a cellphone, but maybe the difference is in the buttons used on the PC, such as using mouse and so on.

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If you want to get comfortable in this game, such as there are no advertisements that appear in the game, there is nothing wrong with buying this game officially. Because of course there will be a lot of benefits that you can get. And one of them is no need to download an emulator so that it is burdensome for your device.

Maybe that’s all we can share this time about how to download among us on PC, hopefully the tutorial we reviewed this time can be useful for all of you.