Free Fire Diamond Generating Application

App.betsim.nett-Diamond in the Free Fire game has an important role in improving the game of every player. With this item you can buy some in-game necessities such as skins, bundles and other items. To be able to get diamonds, we can top up first, the price is also quite expensive, from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, depending on how many and few diamonds we are going to buy.

The presence of the application as a medium for producing free diamonds will certainly invite curiosity for survivors, if yesterday you discussed Prizat, now there is a new application, the Betsim app. What this application looks like and how it works, you can see in full as follows.

What is the Betsim Application?

Betsim is a new platform so that we get Free Fire diamonds for free, in this application there is digital money, namely bycoin which we can exchange for various items, both diamonds for PUBG and Free Fire games and other digital money, namely paypal, so that we can use it for payment transactions.

Apart from using the application, you can also access this batch by visiting the website directly at

Betsim net app

Download Apk?

You can actually download this batch application officially on the google play store service. However, for those of you who want to install it via the apk file, we have also provided the file for you and you can download it below:


That was the apk file that you can use to be able to install the Betsim application, you can immediately install this apk by allowing installers of applications from unknown sources in your settings. For those of you who want without downloading the application, you can visit directly


To be able to exchange this diamond ff, you must have a sufficient number of bycoins, there are two ways to get it, namely by inviting your friends via your referral code.

As for the second way, you can complete several available missions such as watching videos and so on. When you start this application, you will be given 500 bycoins. When you have successfully watched the video, you will get 121 bycoins.

Prize Betsim Withdraw with Diamonds FF

After we have successfully collected bycoins, the next step is to withdraw or redeem in the following way:

  • Immediately, you can select the three line menu in the upper corner of this application
  • Then there will be several menus available, you can select “Prize”
  • Furthermore, there are prizes that you can exchange for bycoins that you have collected, for Free Frire diamonds yourself, you must have at least 170 thousand bycoins, you will get 200 diamonds
  • You will receive an email, and you can reply to the email by filling in your Free Fire ID and also our Nickname, including your name and address.
  • Finally, you just have to wait for the diamond to enter our Free Fire account

That was how to withdraw with Free Fire diamonds on the Betsim application which is currently viral among gamers.

Does This App Pay Off?

When we try a new application, of course, there are often doubts whether the application pays or not. For this application that we saw the tutorial on YouTube, it paid off. However, we also found negative responses in reviews of this application in the play store which said it failed when withdrawing.

For this reason, in order to prove yourself how this application is, then you can try to use it yourself whether you really pay or not.

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The final word

The more expensive the price of a diamond in a game, the more it will make players look for alternative ways to get it for free. Right now, there are quite a number of platforms that we can use to get free diamonds, one of which is