Car Industry Tycoon – Idle Car Factory Simulator v1.5 Apk Mod (Infinite Money)

Download now Car Industry Tycoon – Idle Factory Simulator Mod Apk and have Infinite money forever. Build and manage your car factory! Expand your business, earn money and produce amazing cars. Become a car factory manager and billionaire. Build your empire tycoon, collect idle money and hire new workers. You can build many types of car parts by upgrading the machines in your car factory. Upgrade parking to get more workers and expand your auto business.

-12 exclusive cars to build – one for each prestigious level!
-Hundreds of technologies to develop and update!
-Many exciting missions to complete!
-9 different machines to build and upgrade at the factory!
-Intuitive gameplay with idle clicker mechanics – very challenging!
-Booster cards for faster progress!
-Tons of exclusive content!
Offline play – no internet connection required!

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– If you want to see changes in game updates, the link to the play store is at the end of the post