Case Simulator FF Free Fire Apk Latest Version 2020

Case Simulator FF-The name of the Free Fire game has become very popular lately, especially at the age of those who are turning three this month, so the survivors, as Garena Free Fire players are called, are looking forward to the event that will be held to welcome the Anniversary. Many mysterious things become question marks, for example yesterday, a safe and so on appeared.

Everything related to this game includes the case simulator free fire or create simulator ff, even though this application is not actually part of Free Fire, now for those of you who want to know more about this, we will try to peel a little information about application one. this.

What is Case Simulator FF?

The presence of the Free Fire game has indeed received quite a positive appreciation from Indonesian gamers, especially millennial teenagers, all information related to this game will certainly be crowded.

Case Simulator FF itself is not an official application, so this application was made by those fans of the game from Free Fire, in this game there are many free fire weapons that you can sell. In essence, this application is like a buying and selling simulation game.

When you open this application, you will be given $ 900, if you want to get additional money then you can choose one of the weapons contained in the box for sale, this application will randomize the weapon and after finding the weapon you can save or sell.

As for other ways so that our amount of money increases, then we can watch the videos in the application and you will get a total of $ 250, it’s quite easy not to get money in this one application.

There are many weapons in this game, such as AK, M4A1, SCAR and so on, besides that, there are various weapon skins that you can sell, but again these are just simulators.

case simulator free fire

Download Case Simulator FF Apk

Because this application is not an official application, to be able to install it you can first search the apk file which we will use to install, to make it easier for you, we have provided the ff apk case simulator which you can get below.

Download it

This application has a size that is quite small, which is 18MB, the first time you use it, maybe you will think of this apk as a generator, with the hope that when you click on the weapon, the weapon we choose will enter our Free Fire account, even though it is wrong.

How to Install

For those of you who want to install this ff simulator case, then you can install the application as follows:

  1. First download the ff case simulator apk above
  2. Then you can activate the installation from unknown sources
  3. Open the apk file and start installing
  4. Wait for it to finish and after that you can open it to try it.

For those of you who get bored quickly, maybe you won’t really like this application, this is because there are not many interesting things that you can get from this application.

The final word

It can be said that this is the time of the Free Fire game, the success it has achieved as it is today is passed by various challenges such as fighting cheaters, improving graphics to make it even better and many more.

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Maybe that’s all the reviews regarding the FF simulator case, now you understand right, that this application is outside the Free Fire game and it doesn’t even have anything to do with this one game.