Collection of the Latest Instagram Story Effect Names 2020

Latest Instagram Story Effects-As one of the most popular social media, it’s no wonder the Instagram application continues to update its features and innovations. One innovation that hits is the addition of an Instagram Story inspired by the Snapchat application. Instagram story is a place for Instagram users to show their existence in cyberspace. In 2020, more than 500 million Instagram users prefer to use Instagram stories rather than feeds. You can share anything via Insta Stories in 15 seconds, either photos or short videos.

Uniquely, Instagram Story is equipped with various filters or effects that can support your story. Starting from animated filters, changing color effects, mini games to filters accompanied by songs.

glitter instagram effect

10+ Recommended Effects for Latest Instagram Stories and Hits 2020

If you want to look more contemporary, then you can use some of the effects that we will recommend to all of you. The following are the latest 2020 filters, including:

For those of you who have frequently opened the Instagram application, of course, you often see this one effect. This filter comes with a dominating yellow effect, so that it will make your photo different and look more unique and interesting.

This filter is conceptualized with warm color tones, so that your story will look autenthic. You can directly download this one effect for your insta story.

Another filter that hits in 2020 is Infra. This filter will make your story posts like abroad, especially in countries that are in autumn. Autumn maple is an effect concept carried by this filter creator. If you take a tree object, the result will look like a tree that is ready to drop its leaves, just like autumn.

NKCTHI 1.0 is a filter adapted from the popular novel and film, Nanti Kita Cerita Tanpa Hari ini, by Marcella FP. This filter is equipped with excerpts from sentences in the novel and film, where each strand of the sentence tells about everyday life. There are several sentence choices that you can adjust to your mood.

The newest filter in 2020 that is also no less hits is the outline filter. For those of you who like art themes, it is very suitable to use this filter. Because, each shot will display an artistic outline effect.

The glitter effect is one of the most frequently used effects by Instagram users. This effect can give the uploaded object a luxurious impression. This effect is perfect for use at night, whether white or black objects.

This Instagram filter effect was made to welcome the original series “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”, which recently released a sequel. When you try this filter effect, you will see the names of several players in this series, such as Lana Condor / Noah Centineo.

The sky-like filter effect has gone viral lately. The reason is, this effect is equipped with a smiley that you must follow. This filter effect made by @deaajusuf is very exciting to challenge.

The saucy meter filter or better known as the how cute you are is quite popular in 2020. When you open your camera icon, it will ask you “how cute are you”.

The A6 filter is more popularly known as the love love filter. So, when you try to use this filter, a lot of love will appear in the head area. Not only that, after a few seconds the sentence “You Look So Sexy” will appear.

The topic of the zodiac never ends. Even until 2020, everything related to the zodiac is always interesting. No wonder the zodiac effect is often used as a fun event. The reason is, this effect will predict what zodiac sign suits you.

How to Get Instagram Story Effects

  • Open the Instagram application and enter your account
  • Click the camera icon, then swipe left until you find “browse effects”
  • Search in the search for one of the names of the effects that we have recommended above
  • If so, please click “try” to see changes in the appearance of your Instagram story
    Save the effect and share it on your Insta Stories.

Those were some steps you can take to get the latest 2020 Instagram effects or filters.

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The final word

Those are some of the names of the latest Instagram Story effects in 2020. Hopefully they can become your reference material later. Displaying your stories will be much more exciting and interesting, of course. Good luck!