Cut Ying Mod Indonesian, Video Editor Now Hits

Cut Ying Mod Indonesian-Since the presence of the Cut Ying application, its users must have complained about one problem, namely the language barrier used. As we know this application is an application that we can use to change faces into anime, but this application is not officially entered in our country, so the language used is still using the original version of the country, namely China, for that time We will share this cut ying mod apk that already uses Indonesian, so you can use other features found in this application.

It is undeniable that nowadays there are many who are fond of anime cartoons, not only among children, anime fever has also hit teenagers and adults alike. The presence of this application is certainly good news for anime lovers, because with this application, we can easily turn our photos into anime.

In connection with this application there are lots of interesting features, so of course it is very unfortunate if we only use one feature, for that as a solution you can take both ways, namely the first you use the mod version which we will share this time and the second is to use additional applications, namely a dictionary.

change the language of cut ying apk

How to Change Cut Ying Language With Dictionary Application

This method is suitable for those of you who have previously installed this application, so you don’t need to download the mod version, because you only need to use the dictionary or translation application, so you are guaranteed to understand the menu contained in this application. Here’s how:

  • First, you can install the Hi Dictionary application first here
  • Then you can open this application, if you have entered the application then you can select the “Cross Application” menu and then you select set permissions and select “Hi Dictionary” to activate this feature
  • Then select the three point menu on “Cross Application” and change My Language to Indonesian

change the cut ying language

  • If you have done everything, you can exit this application and you will see a floating magnifying glass icon
  • Open Cut Ying apk and point the magnifying glass at Chinese writing, it will automatically appear in Indonesian

That’s the first way you can do to change the language of the cut ying application, next is to use the mod version, for this second method it can be said that it is very easy, because just install this mod apk, automatically the language used is Indonesian.

cut ying Indonesian mod

Download Cut Ying in Indonesian

For those of you who want to be creative in making videos using this application, then cut ying in Indonesian is the right choice, because you can take advantage of the features available in this application, you can immediately download the application below.


How to Install

  1. First, you can open the cut ying apk in Indonesian above
  2. Furthermore, if there is a danger message using this application then you can select “Keep Install”
  3. Next, the installation process will run, so you can wait for it to finish
  4. When it’s finished, we just open this application and you will understand because the language used is Indonesian.

Thus, earlier regarding how to install the cut ying mod apk application using Indonesian.

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This application is not officially present on the play store, for that you can download and install it with the apk file. However, previously circulating still use the official language, for that with the presence of the cut ying mod that we shared above so that it can make it easier for you when you want to use it.