Download Free Fire 3Volution Apk Latest Version 2020

Free Fire 3Volution Apk-Garena Free Fire is still the choice of many homeland gamers, this battleground survival-themed game indeed presents quite a tense game, in one game we will meet 50 players who will all try to survive being “Last Standing” or the last person to survive on an island in this game.

Garena itself does present a lot of items in this game, and what’s interesting is that the theme that is carried is always changing, as an example in yesterday’s update that raised the Kalahari theme, there is a new area that we can play. Yesterday this game itself did an update again and raised the theme of 3volution, how exciting the latest version of FF this time, for that you can listen to it in our review this time.

3Volution Free Fire at a glance

As we know, when Garena updates, of course there are new items or characters that we are ready to play, so also for this update, there is one character who is ready to accompany your game, Luqueta.

This one character has advantages that are not much different from the original character of the country that is Jota, but of course this new character is still above Jota, so if you are interested to try it, then you can buy this one character.

In addition to the characters there are many more new things that exist in this Free Fire 3Volution, for those of you who want to try to play this game then you can directly download the link that we will prepare in this review.

ff 3volution apk

Download Free Fire 3Volution Apk

Garena Free Fire can be said as one of the games that is often targeted by cheaters, and when they do an update then of course the bug is resolved, but what’s interesting is not there but something new in this game, for that for those of you who want to download the apk file and also obb free fire 3volution then you can visit the link that we have prepared below.


For the OBB of the latest version of Free Fire, you can use it below.


For those of you who want the official version you can also install directly through the Google Play Store via the link here.

Free Fire can indeed be said as a survivor game with quite a lot of active players at this time, even from the available data, for every day it can reach 80 million players who play, you can imagine for yourself how many fans of this game from Garena.

How to Install

  1. For the first step, of course you can install the apk file first
  2. If when installing a security related notification, you can allow it
  3. Then you can create a new folder on Android => OBB
  4. Create a folder with the name com.dts.freefireth
  5. Finally you can move the extracted OBB to this one folder

After going through several stages above then you just play this Free Fire 3Volution. That was a few steps you can take so that this game can be installed on your smartphone.

What’s new?

The following are some of the items that you can get in the Free Fire 3Volution game, which will definitely add fun to you survivors.

  • First there are two characters who are ready to attend, which we have mentioned earlier Luqueta and another Hayato Fire Brand
  • If you like playing on Bermuda map, then you will get some new places that didn’t exist before
  • In this Free Fire 3Volution there is also a new pet
  • Has a new weapon that you can use, namely AUG
  • Can optimize animation on parachutes
  • Thermal scope that can see smoke
  • There is a new item, the Revive Kit

Apart from what we mentioned earlier, of course there are still many other excitements that you can get.

The final word

Garena itself is a company that stands in Singapore and has released several other popular games, but of the many games that they have successfully published, it can be said that Free Fire is the best-selling game.

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Maybe that’s all the reviews related to Free Fire 3Volution Apk that we can convey, hopefully with the presence of this game makes you feel entertained. Have fun playing and greeting Booyah.