Download Mod Menu Fire Free 1.49.1 Latest Version 2020


Download the FF Mod Menu-The desire to play the game will be felt if we play it with friends or friends, the rapid advancement of technology today so that it encourages various kinds of facilities including playing games. And free fire can be said to be the right choice if you want to find exciting games and can be played by many people.

Free fire is a survival-themed game, there is a tension that you can feel when starting this game, you have to be able to hide from other players totaling 49 people so as not to be caught or shot. Buildings, rocks and empty houses become a place you can do to hide while lurking enemies around us. But of course when you open a parachute you must first determine the place that we will make for looting weapons.

In free fire we can play solo or squad. and because this winner is the last person to survive on the island, many rogue players use cheat techniques and one of them uses an application free fire menu mod.

Free Fire Mod Menu

What is FF Menu Mod?

The free fire menu mod is an application that we can play in a free fire game whose function is to cheat, there are several menus that are popular when we use this tool such as being able to penetrate walls and antennas, so it will be very easy for us to find out the whereabouts of the enemy.

There are a lot of mod menu applications developed by the modder and among them the latest from Bellara, using this modder-made application we can get various kinds of conveniences ranging from head shots and so on.

Application Related Info

Game NameMod Menu for Free Fire Bellara
APK versionV10
File Size84MB
SupportAndroid 4.0.3+

Download the Mod Version Free Fire FF Rampage Latest Version 2020

This game, released by Garena, does know this technique, so they often do updates to fix bugs that are often used by cheaters. For that, our ff mod menu is also the latest version that you are ready to use.

Download it

FF Menu Mod Features

For the features contained in this cheat application are quite a lot and it really helps you to be able to easily reach booyah, here are some that you can use:

  • Hack antenna
  • Aim Circle
  • ESP Hack
  • Run with MedkitSpeed ​​Hack
  • No REcoil
  • Aim Bot
  • Aim Shoot
  • And others

There are many cheat options that we can use in this application, so that it can be said will make it easier for you to reach booy when playing the Free Fire game, but of course you must first consider whether this application is safe to use or not.

Is it safe from being banned?

Maybe you often hear that using a certain cheat application can be safe, but it should also be recognized that this is not true, because when you play cheat then usually other players report to the Garena, resulting in the account banned.

For that the safest way when using the free fire mod menu is to play with a new or smurf account, this method is the most effective so that when our collateral is banned we don’t regret it.

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Thus was the review about the latest version of the free fire mod menu that we can share for you all, thank you for visiting and good luck.