Download the Latest Free WPS Office Apk Premium 2020

WPS Office Apk-The presence of a smartphone now can support a variety of activities, including one for those of you who work in offices, many supporting applications that you can use include WPS Office apk.

As we know that in this modern era there are so many types of formats such as doc, pdf and so on, if previously the file could only be opened and edited via a laptop or computer, but thanks to the rapidly developing technology now, so for now we can do that via just a smartphone.

By implementing certain applications on smartphones, we can get the functions we want, including creating, opening or editing PDF files. Maybe you all do not know about this WPS Office android application, for that you can get information about this application in our review this time.

Get to know the WPS Office Application

This application was formerly named Kingsoft Office in accordance with the name of the developer of this application, WPS Office is the best office application currently that can be applied on smartphones such as Android, iPhone and other OS. By using this application you can do a lot and such as what we have explained above earlier.

In addition this application also supports many files such as Google sheets, doc, slides or PDFs that are made by Adobe, so that it will definitely help your work. To make us understand the various features in it, this application also supports many languages, so we can choose the language we want to use.

wps office apk

Download the Latest WPS Office Apk 2020

This application puts forward features that are quite complete and sophisticated, but for us to be able to open these features, we must make a purchase first, and for those of you who want to install this application through the apk file, then we have prepared it for you and you can download it below.

Download it

For those of you who really need an application that can support your work, then this application can be your mainstay, but indeed to be able to use it you need to spend first, amounting to 169 thousand for one year, but for those of you who only need one use , then you can try a trial for three days.


Various features are available in this WPS Office application, including the following:

  • Support with all Microsoft Office files
  • Can convert PDF files to word
  • Scan using a smartphone camera so that paper files become PDF
  • Can be used for presentations
  • Share documents with various media such as email, Facebook and so on
  • It has night mode for reading documents
  • Easy to use because it has a comfortable interface
  • And many others.

In addition to what we said earlier, the WPS Office application presents various other features that are very helpful for those of you who work in offices.

How to Install

For the installation process or installation is very easy to do, you just need to do the steps as below.

  1. First you can enter the settings menu
  2. Then look for the security menu
  3. Then you can give permission or access to the installation outside the official app or Unknown source
  4. Next open the file storage folder that you downloaded earlier
  5. Finally you can select the WPS Office apk file and start the installation

How easy is it not to be able to install this application? now this is indeed quite a lot of similar applications, but among them there certainly have different features, and WPS Office is the most complete, so you will get the convenience of using it because the existing features can certainly help all your work.

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Maybe that’s all the reviews we can share with you about WPS Office Apk, hopefully with the information we have, you can get benefits from it.