Gratisoe Apk Latest Version 10.9 2020 For Android

Gratisoe TV Apk-Almost everyone likes the sport of football, this game can be said to be populist, and in an area there is usually a sports playing field that has existed since the 11th century. Every country must have their own League, but from several existing leagues, it can be said that the league from the blue continent is more interesting than the others.

To watch classy matches such as the Premier League, Spain and Italy, we only had to watch it via television channels. But now we can only watch it if we subscribe to paid channels like mola tv.

With a policy like this, it certainly makes some football fans disappointed, because they can’t watch their club playing. Because this is what drives a lot of developers to create live streaming applications, so that we can watch the games for free.

The choice of ball streaming applications is probably quite a lot, so you can use one of these. But of course you feel confused in determining which application has complete features and has a comfortable appearance, for that we will try to recommend one application, namely Gratisoe tv apk.

Overview of Gratisoe TV Apk

The Gratisoe tv apk application is a new platform for watching football, by using this application we can not only watch various kinds of football matches, but there are also other channels that you can watch such as anime, cartoon films, Indonesian channels and many more. other.

Watching TV via cellphone might be said to be not new, but this application offers different features, because in this one application you can do many things such as checking the score of the match, watching Drakor and so on.

gratisoe apk

Free Downloadoe TV Apk

So that you don’t just miss every match of your favorite club while playing, then you can download this application first on your smartphone. For additional information, you can’t get this application via the app store, so you can download files with the apk format, which is below.


Existing Features

This application, which can be said to have a size that is not too large, is 9MB, has quite a complete set of features that we can make as entertainment, what is in this free apk, let’s see the full features.

Indonesian TV

Those of you who want to watch private TV and want to enjoy soap operas and so on. Then you can find it in this one feature. Almost all private channels are here, so you can watch them anywhere.

New TV

What is meant by this application regarding new TV is metube, of course you already know that metube is not part of MNC media. In this metube we can not only watch movies, but you can also enjoy the music that is presented.

Backup TV

Like the name of this application feature, so this is only a backup, if by using the two features above you cannot connect then you can choose this backup tv.

Children’s TV

Maybe you are currently having trouble finding a special channel for children, if there is, of course you have to do a monthly subscription first. By installing this free application, you will be able to find various kinds of children’s tv such as Disney Junior, Nick Jr, Cartoon Network and many others.

Exploring the World

Like a browser in this application there is also a google search engine, for that you just have to open the menu to explore this world, then you will be connected to the google search engine.

Inspirational World

In this menu there are lots of news media, but apart from that we can also get other channels such as the National Geographic channel. So that it not only adds to your insight but can open your eyes to a wider window to the world.

Watch World TV

This one feature contains a channel that often shows various kinds of movies, namely HBO, but besides that you can also watch movies from other channels available on this one feature.

TV Area

There are many regional tvs in this feature, so that you don’t miss out on information related to certain areas, you can take advantage of this one feature. There are various kinds of regional tv such as Bandung, Banten Balikpapan, Semarang and many others.

Live Score

If you want to know the match schedule of various leagues and the final results of the matches, then you can access this one feature. Because in this feature you will get this information.

Korean drama

Currently trending Korean dramas or better known as drakor. To pamper its users, this application has also provided a menu that can present a variety of the latest Drakor films and those that are currently popular.

Sport Ku

You can find various sports channels on this one menu. Bein Sport is one of the most popular sports channels, now you can find it in this feature, but apart from bein sport there are many other channels that are no less exciting.

Sport TV

You can also access matches by other sports here. You like UFC matches, like to watch MotoGP and other sports, then you just have to choose this menu and enjoy all the events available.

Bayern Munchen TV

For those of you who like a football club that has just won this champions league, then you can watch exclusively all information about this club that comes from Germany.


This channel is the official channel of Manchaster United or MU. You can get all the latest news about this red devil or red devil on this one channel.

Real Madrid TV

For football lovers, of course, they are very familiar with this one football team, Real Madrid. The club that always buys the shining star footballer has its own official channel, you can view all the info regarding this Spanish club here.

Latest Anime

There are already many anime movie lovers, and this is also very much noticed by the developers of this application, so they can easily watch each episode so they don’t miss the story. You can access this feature to get some popular anime films.

Apart from some of the features that we have described above, there are several other interesting features that you can use such as Malaysian TV, Akherat TV, Cartoon TV and so on.

How to Watch Streaming on Gartisoe TV Apk

After we have mentioned some of the features available, to be able to watch streaming on this application is very easy, namely as follows.

  1. First, you can install the free apk above
  2. Then open this application
  3. Select the menu available in the free application
  4. Then you will get various kinds of channels and choose what you want to watch
  5. Wait a moment until it connects and you just have to watch the stream.

Those were some of the ways you can try to be able to watch various kinds of shows through the free tv application.

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The final word

Gratisoe apk gives you a different tv viewing experience when compared to previous applications. We can access various channels in just one application. That way you can watch various kinds of broadcasts both domestically and abroad.