How to Download Video Snack Videos Without Watermark

How to Download Video Snack Videos-One of the video sharing applications that is currently viral besides TikTok is Snack Video. Through this application we can watch various kinds of funny videos, so that some people feel interested and want to download these videos. For this reason, in this review we will try to share about how to download snack videos without a watermark, so you can watch offline or upload them back to social media or other.

Nowadays there are many places for us to be creative, with the existence of social media and applications such as snack videos and others, this can bridge us to be better known by the crowd or popularity, but of course this must be with positive things so that we don’t dim quickly , because our names are known not because of the work we have made but because of our viral acts or silliness.

If you want to download a snack video without a watermark, this method is actually quite easy and you can even do it without using a downloader application such as for the TikTok video that we previously shared related to downloading TikTok videos.

What is Snack Video?

Maybe before, there were those who didn’t know the snack video application, if you don’t know it means that you are not updated with the current digital era. Because this application is very well known by millennial circles today.

The snack video application is a video sharing platform with a short duration like the TikTok application, in this application we can also bite or follow accounts that we like. In addition, there are also other features that you can use, such as seeing nearby users, doing live streaming and viewing videos that are trending.

Overall, this application can be said to be quite complete for a feature that the video sharing application has, for those of you who want to download videos from this snack application, then you can follow the tutorial that we share below.

how to download snack videos

How to Download Video Snack Videos to Gallery

There is no doubt that in this snack video application there are not only funny videos, but you will also find motivational, sad videos and so on. For this reason, most people who have seen the video in this application, they want to make it a whatsapp or other status, so that there is no watermark in the video that we have downloaded, you can first install the es file explorer application, for the steps as follows:

  • To be able to download videos in this application, you can first play the application in the snack video until it’s finished
  • Then you can open the es file explorer pro application and select the triple line icon in the top corner
  • Then you can scroll down to activate “Show hidden files”
  • Next you can enter the internal memory, select android => Data => com.kwai.bulldog => Cache_awesome => Cache_V2 => Media
  • Here you will see some videos that you have previously seen on the snack application
  • You can check all videos here by pressing and holding, then select all
  • The next step is to select the three-point menu and select “Rename extension name” and fill in “mp4”
  • Now you can move the videos you want to share to the internal memory folder

Those were the steps you can try to download videos from the snack video application without a watermark. It looks complicated, but this method can be said to be the most effective way.

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The final word

Snack videos are indeed trending right now, there are lots of funny and interesting video content. Of course, the video was made with high creativity, for that as a form of our appreciation, you should give permission first if you want to share the video again.