How to Make Text Read More on the Latest WhatsApp

Make Read More on WhatsApp-The world of communication is very advanced nowadays, of course this cannot be separated from the role of the presence of chat applications or social media. By using this application we can very easily make voice calls, videos and even send various files. Among the several existing applications, the name Whatsapp is certainly familiar to the ears of netizens. The chat application with the largest users today does have various features.

Even though there are currently many new applications, Whatsapp is still a favorite of many people. In this review, we will try to share tricks that you can use, namely how to make text read in full on Whatsapp or also known as RM WA. Maybe some of you have experienced a prank from a friend who received a message like this, and surely opened it, it turns out that the message is just that.

To do this is not difficult, it can even be said to be easy. We can do this only with an application, aren’t you curious about how? Let’s look at the steps as follows.

How to Make Read More on Whatsapp

The choice of applications that we can use is actually quite a lot, but we will try to recommend one application which besides being small in size is also very easy to use, and the name of the application is ColorNote.

Besides being able to use it to write a full read on whatsapp or read more, we can also use this application to save drafts for those of you who like to write or take other notes. You can read more about writing read more in WA as follows:

  • First, you can download the ColorNote application on the play store application
  • Then open the application and type what you want
  • Hold it until “Paste or Paste” appears and select
  • Then you can block everything and copy it
  • Next you can enter the Whatsapp application then you can paste it in the chat column

Thus you have succeeded in making read more whatsapp. If you haven’t succeeded in the above method, then this next method is simpler because you don’t need to install additional applications.

make

Make Read More Whatsapp Without Application

This one method can be said to be the easiest step, because you just have to visit the webtool and enter text only, you can see the details as follows:

  • First you can visit the site, namely here
  • Then you can directly enter the text in the “Intro Text” column. For example, I will send the text “There is sound”

rm wa

  • For the “Read More Content” column we fill in “Fart”
  • Next select “Copy Message to Clipboard”
  • And finally you just have to paste the message to your destination contact

How can it be simpler and more practical, right? in this second way, you can easily make a read more message on Whatsapp.

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The final word

The read more message itself has actually been around for a long time, but lately the video on the Tiktok account has uploaded the read more whatsapp video. In addition to the methods that we have stated above, there are probably many more ways you can do. But in our opinion, the easiest way is without an application like what we have shared above.

Maybe that’s all the reviews we can share with you all about how to read more on Whatsapp, good luck.