How to Root Android All HP Easy without the Latest PC

How to Root Android-Android cellphone users can now change the operating system as desired, so performance can be better. How to? The trick is to root your cellphone. Usually, you can do the root method for all of these cellphones with a PC.

Then what if you don’t have a PC or don’t open your PC? Quiet! Now you can root your cellphone without using a PC. Here are the steps!

Things that need to be prepared before rooting the cellphone

You need to know, before rooting your cellphone, you are obliged to change the settings on Android.

This is so that later the root application can be installed properly.
To make changes to the settings on your cellphone, follow the steps below.

Samsung mobile

  • Open settings, then click on Biometrics and Security settings
  • Press install unknown application
  • Select allow to install applications from the File Manager because the installed application will come from the File Manager
  • Click “My Files”, then click the toggle until it turns blue

Xiaomi mobile

  • Open settings on your mobile
  • Click “Additional settings”, then select “Privacy”
  • Click the toggle to activate unknown sources
  • Hit Ok in the window that appears

Then, what about other types of cellphones? Basically, the steps to change the settings on this Android phone are almost the same. All you need to do is: Go to settings >> click security >> select an unknown source and activate it.

How to Root Android Without a PC

As you already know, now Android users can also root their cellphones without using a PC.

There are also many applications themselves. In fact, almost every year a new root Android application will be born.

Unfortunately, not all of these applications can be used. The recommendations for an Android cellphone root application without a PC that are easy to use and are definitely successful, namely:


The first application that you can try is Kingroot. This application supports root from various devices.

If by chance your device is not supported by this application, you can vote so that the developer will immediately support your device. The more people who vote, the opportunity for developers to support your device will be even greater.

If you are interested in trying this application, follow the steps below:

  • Download the KingRoot application and don’t forget to install it
  • Open the application and select “Try It” on the start page that appears
  • Wait a few moments until the checking process is complete
  • When the check process is successful, the words “Root gained” will appear
  • When you click the three lines in the upper left corner, the words “KingRoot Labs” will appear and the information “Root Successfully”

Many have tried the use of the KingRoot application, because in fact this application has been around for a long time.


Are you using Smartfren and Lenovo cellphones? If so, try using this application. Framaroot was originally developed by a member of the DXA forum. In its early days, the app could support only a few. However, along with the development, this application began to support hundreds of devices. Starting from Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Smartfren, Asus, and others.

To obtain access rights to this application, the method is quite easy, namely:

  • Download the Framaroot application, then install
  • Open the application, change “Select an action …” and select “Install SuperSU”
  • Click Gkamulf
  • Restart your Android phone

By applying this method, your application will automatically successfully root.


You can also use the Towelroot application to root your Android. But unfortunately, currently this application can only support Android KitKat only.

Maybe as it grows, this application can support Android Marshmallow or later. Although it can only be used for Android Kitkat, this application has a simple interface, making it easy to use.

To use it, first make sure that the antivirus application on your cellphone is disabled. If so, download and install this application on the official website.


iRoot is an application developed by China. This application is already owned by many users in the world and can support up to 15,000 Android devices of various models and brands.

In fact, this device can support the Android operating system from version 2.3 to 5.0.
Before rooting Android with this application, first make sure whether your type of cellphone is supported by iRoot apk or not.

If supported, the Hp type, model, or operating system version will appear on the screen.
But if it doesn’t appear, don’t try to do it because it can damage your Android phone.

Now, if you have confirmed that your cellphone type is supported by iRoot, then download and install this application.


Furthermore, there is also KingoRoot, an HP root application that is professionally developed by reliable developers.

KingoRoot can be used in almost all brands. Starting from, Sony, Samsung, HTC, Google, Huawei, LG, and others. The Android versions supported by this application are Android 1.0 to 5.0.

Not only that, this special root application is also equipped with a superuser application. That way, you don’t need to download the SuperSU or Superuser application again on Google Play. If you are interested in this application, follow the steps below to use it.

  • Make sure your Android version is the same as the Android version that is listed on the application screen
  • Download and install the KingRoot application with the apk format
  • Run the application with one tap
  • Wait for the root process to complete

There are indeed many choices that you can try to be able to root your smartphone.

Root Risk

Indeed, by rooting our smartphone, we can access more of our smartphone. However, there is one thing you might think about when you want to do this, especially if our smartphone is still relatively new.

You will lose your smartphone warranty if you root, so it is very unfortunate that only for purposes that are not too important we have to root our smartphones.

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The final word

So, if you want to change the existing operating system on Android, you can root it. How to root Android on all cellphones is also easy. You can do this using a PC or without using a PC as the money has been explained above.
Good luck! Good luck.