Trojan War: Rise of legend Sparta v2.0.4 Apk Mod (Infinite Money)

Download now Trojan War Mod Apk and have Infinite money forever. Trojan War is a strategic tower defense game offline from MegaAdsGames. If you’ve watched Troy Movie, you’ll know what it is. A Trojan war is based on it. It is the type of strategy game in which you must send your army to fight against enemy AI. Trojan War MOD APK has just been released in the game store and MOD APK is added for Unlimited Money and Gold Coins.

Trojan War has strategic gameplay where you have complete control of your own army. You can leave and defend your base or go into total fury and kill the enemy base. 2.5D gameplay with incredible graphics and gameplay. You have to destroy the enemy tower by releasing your troops from the Trojan war. that’s what this game is called. Trojan Wars. You will have to use meat to produce different troops. Use Troopers to do this for yours, as they will collect meat from loved ones over time. It is like the Elixir, where you can deploy a specific amount of army, depending on your elixirs.

Main features:
– Control the army’s behavior according to the command flag
– Control the soldier’s unit with the touch joystick, using your own skills
– Level up and equip yourself with powerful equipment to increase your stats
– Magic Book – God’s Spell of the Twelve Olympians
– 5 gods set artifacts, upgrade armor, use your special power
– Explore the ancient world in Greek mythology

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– If you want to see the changes in the game update, the play store link is at the end of the post